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Here are some expressions commonly used in discussing negotiations 2 matters.

Listen to approve a project - give one's consent to / confirm a project
Listen to binding agreement - legally-enforceable promise or set of promises made by one party to another
Listen to breakdown of negotiation - failure to conduct business transactions; to deal with another individual in regard to a purchase and sale; to bargain or trade
Listen to change one’s mind - to have a different opinion or intention than you had before
Listen to come to terms - come to an agreement
Listen to conduct negotiations - manage or control or lead the act or process of dealing with another to reach an agreement
Listen to drive a hard bargain - be severe in negotiating a transaction, make an agreement to one's advantage
Listen to exchange of views - exchange of ideas, exchange opinions
Listen to have priority - have something deserving prior attention
Listen to make headway - to make progress; to get ahead; to move forward
Listen to matter for negotiation - negotiable matter
Listen to meet somebody halfway - make a compromise with somebody
Listen to negotiating partner - one who negotiates; a person who treats with others in respect to purchase and sale
Listen to package deal - an offer or agreement involving a number of related items or one making acceptance of one item dependent on the acceptance of another
Listen to persuade - cause to believe; convince to do
Listen to propose next steps - suggest further series of actions, processes, or measures taken to achieve a goal
Listen to reciprocal agreement - a mutual or cooperative interchange of favours or privileges
Listen to refer back to - come back to
Listen to review options - look over or study or examine again something chosen or available as a choice
Listen to start all over again - to be back to square one
Listen to stress something - to place emphasis on something
Listen to strike or clinch a deal - to conclude a deal; to make a deal
Listen to verbal agreement - unwritten agreement
Listen to without obligation - not binding

Now we put new vocabulary into context, so you can see how you might use these terms yourself. The expressions are in boldface in the text.

Listen to Package deal is a combination of a number of units or range of services into one saleable unit.
Listen to Whatīs the best way to strike a deal ?
Listen to The workshop was also used as a forum for the invited experts to propose next steps and future directions for the company in the measurement of effectiveness.
Listen to The heads of units shall conduct negotiations and conclude agreements concerning the individual salary arrangements and additional remuneration.
Listen to Itīs more than we planned to pay, but you drive a hard bargain .
Listen to This is definitely a matter for negotiation between the landlord and you.
Listen to Disagreements from the past come into play leading to a breakdown of negotiation.
Listen to If you make headway, you make progress.
Listen to We need to review our options before we decide.
Listen to You are advised to print out a copy of this legally binding agreement for your own records.
Listen to The reciprocal agreement with Australia means that New Zealand residents who visit Australia on a temporary basis can receive immediately necessary medical treatment from the publicly-funded health system.
Listen to He is trying to persuade local and foreign businesses to invest in the project.


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