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Here are some expressions commonly used in discussing presentations: visuals matters.

Listen to axis - a straight line through a body or figure that satisfies certain conditions, the centre around which something rotates
Listen to bar chart - a chart with bars whose lengths are proportional to quantities
Listen to broken line - interrupted line
Listen to chart - a visual display of information
Listen to diagram - a drawing intended to explain how something works
Listen to dotted line - a line made up of dots or dashes; often used to indicate where you are supposed to sign a contract
Listen to flip chart - a chart with several sheets hinged at the top; sheets can be turned or flipped over to present information sequentially
Listen to flow chart - a schematic representation of a sequence of operations, as in a manufacturing process or computer program
Listen to graph - a diagram that shows the changes taking place in something, by the use of connected lines, a curve or bars
Listen to handout - something given freely, it can refer to materials handed out for presentation purposes
Listen to horizontal - lying flat
Listen to overhead projector (OHP) - a display system that is used to display images to an audience
Listen to pie chart - a graphical representation of information in which each unit of data is represented as a pie-shaped piece of a circle
Listen to pointer - a long tapered stick for indicating objects, as on a chart or blackboard
Listen to screen - the display area of a computer monitor or a TV set
Listen to solid line - a line uninterrupted in space; having no gaps or breaks
Listen to table - an orderly columnar display of data
Listen to transparency - picture consisting of a positive photograph or drawing on a transparent base; viewed with a projector or foil
Listen to vertical - being or situated at right angles to the horizon; upright
Listen to whiteboard - a panel covered with white, glossy plastic for writing on with erasable markers

Now we put new vocabulary into context, so you can see how you might use these terms yourself. The expressions are in boldface in the text.

Listen to Microsoft PowerPoint

Listen to In Microsoft Office PowerPoint, as in most other presentation software, text, graphics, movies and other objects are positioned on individual pages or "slides". The "slide" analogy is a reference to the slide projector, a device which has become somewhat obsolete due to the use of PowerPoint and other presentation software. Slides can be printed or more usually displayed on-screen and navigated through at the command of the presenter.


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