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Here are some expressions commonly used in discussing transport matters.

Listen to air transport - air transportation: transportation by air
Listen to bulk shipment - transport of goods in large numbers, amounts, or volume; a shipment of loose boxes or pieces
Listen to carrier - freight forwarder, forwarding agent
Listen to consignment - goods carried by a large vehicle; synonyms: cargo, loading, freight, load, payload, shipment
Listen to consolidated shipment - the small shipments combined or consolidated into larger shipments to reduce transportation expenditures. Larger volume shipments typically qualify for quantity discounts. Generally the larger the shipment the lower the freight rate per hundred weight.
Listen to content - the items contained in something
Listen to conveyor - a person who conveys (carries or transmits)
Listen to delivery van - a commercial road vehicle with luggage space at the rear, lighter than a lorry or truck
Listen to despatch - the act of sending off something
Listen to destination - the place to which one or something is going or directed
Listen to freight - cargo, carriage
Listen to freight costs - freight rate, forwarding charges
Listen to goods train - freight train
Listen to haulier / mover (US) - a person or company that transports goods by road, especially in lorries; freight carrier
Listen to hazardous cargo - hazardous materials; articles or substances that are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety or property when transported
Listen to in transit - on the way, during transport
Listen to load - something that is carried or transported; an amount that is or can be carried or transported at one time
Listen to long haul - carrying cargo or passengers over a long distance
Listen to mode of dispatch - type of despatch (UK spelling), dispatch type (US spelling)
Listen to place of dispatch - shipping point
Listen to port - harbour, dock
Listen to rail transport - transport of goods along railways or railroads
Listen to reach - to arrive at or get as far as (a place, position, etc)
Listen to road transport - transport on roads
Listen to ship - to put on board of a ship, or vessel of any kind, for transportation
Listen to shipping - the commercial enterprise of transporting goods and materials; transportation, transport
Listen to transhipment - the transfer and reloading of goods during the transport from the initial point of loading to the final point of destination either within the same mode of transport or onto another mode of transport.
Listen to unload - to remove (a load or cargo) from (a vehicle, ship, etc)
Listen to via - by way of or by means of; through; example: travelled from Edinburgh to London via York
Listen to water transport - the process of moving goods by barge, boat, ship or sailboat over a sea, ocean, lake, canal or river
Listen to weight limit - the maximum gross weight including the equipment and goods that can be transported

Now we put new vocabulary into context, so you can see how you might use these terms yourself. The expressions are in boldface in the text.

Listen to Shipping can more generally refer to the transport of freight ("shipments"), independent of the mode of transport.
Listen to Consignment is the act of consigning, which is placing a person or thing in the hand of another, but retaining ownership until the goods are sold.
Listen to Straw layers should be placed between melon layers to reduce fruit injury during bulk shipment.
Listen to Consolidated shipments may contain different products and may include products for more than one recipient.
Listen to Direct shipping happens when a vessel ships the cargo on one shipping service to its final destination.
Listen to Transhipment takes place when a container is transported by a vessel to an intermediate port. There, it will be transferred onto another ship bound for its final destination.
Listen to Dispatch is a form of logistics as used in the taxi, courier, and service delivery industries and for emergency services.
Listen to To minimize freight costs, backorders can be consolidated with further shipments.


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